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One is a rescue, H, and one is a miniature schnauzer, River. Animals are a huge part of all my novels. In Saving Ferris, failed out of service school golden retriever Ferris is the star of the book. In the Nathan Miccoli series, Laude is a scene stealer. In Sleuth on Safari, different types of animals play a role—the local wildlife. Searching for the Big Five, and other animals, on the game drives are key parts of any safari. Shortly after graduating college, I got a beautiful black schnauzer puppy, L.

One day, while walking the pup, I saw a neighbor who I was holding a package for. My puppy was rambunctious and quick. Taking me with her. I fell flat on my face.

Adoptable Dogs - Paws in Need Animal Rescue

I slowly got up, got the package and handed it to the neighbor. She never passed me again without laughing. I slept in a treehouse by myself! It was miles away from the lodge.

The journey so far

I was the first in the group to go so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was a night filled with fear, anxiety, and amazing sights. Everyone at the lodge, guests and staff, was so impressed I stayed out there the whole night by myself! I only write at home. The rescue pup is usually on my lap. The puppy is running wild, anywhere and everywhere. I think she wants to be involved in the writing because she loves to chew on my glasses, pens, paper, phone and even my computer! Take a writing class. You need at least a six month plan for your release.

Wreak havoc. The Traveler Cozy Mystery series continues in Iceland. We follow Naomi as she travels with another family member and investigates another murder. The yet to be titled book 2 is expected Summer Pens, Paws, and Claws would like to thank Vivian Lawry for doing a guest post about what pets say about their owners.

Points have been regrouped and edited, so they no longer number eight. Frankly, I find the links between pet, personality, and careers more suggestive than factual. W riters should still consider the narrative possibilities of such links. For instance, more than half of ferret owners said they had six or more pets.

Dog owners, on the other hand, were the most likely to have only one pet. For example, some men who want to look tough may get a tough-looking dog.

Canine Massage?

If you give your character a pet, choose it for a reason! Vivian Lawry is Appalachian by birth, a psychologist by training, and a writer by passion.

How a mother's love kept her babies alive - please share.

Vivian Lawry is on FaceBook and Twitter. I write romances.

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Some have a mystery in the plot, some have paranormal storylines, but they all are romances. Then I began to read Barbara Michaels gothic romances and I was hooked. I have one dog. Her name is Marley. I adopted her from my local SPCA in She was upstairs in the offices. Do you know that song? After a year, Marley developed diabetes and went blind.

I now give her shots of insulin twice a day.

Available Pets

She takes it like a champ. This past year she developed glaucoma. So now we have three drops that go in her eyes twice a day. She is the bravest dog. Marley is the basis for two of my stories — but neither are published at this time. But soon.

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Pierre the chihuahua I created this character before I met my dog. Pierre lets his people know when ghosts are around by peeing. It never goes over well. What are you reading now? Why you might ask?

What writing projects are you currently working on? My childhood pet was a German Shepard named Elsa. She was the most amazing dog. She passed away in the late 80s and I still miss her. She was such a big dog that when we ate dinner she could put her chin on the dining table. I love books who put animals in their stories, so it was a no brainer when I started writing. As to if they are characters in the book. Depends on the book. Pierre is a character. Dolly — in Love My Way — is a metaphor for unconditional love. Including me. And then I adopted Marley. When I introduced my dog to my fur-nieces, the look in their eyes.

Betrayal, disappointment, anger. Marley padded over to say hello and Lulu growled at her. So, I had to discipline Lulu. And walked out of the room in a huff.

God, I love that dog. I attached a photo of Lulu and Marley on a sofa together. You can see Lulu is displeased. When did you know you were a writer? And how did you know? For the most part, I told stories orally. Like they did back in the day. And my sister heard a lot of my stories. When I started to do well in English and writing classes, my storytelling naturally shifted to writing.

I want to go to Ireland. When I go away for conferences for work, my neighbor stays with her in my home. She already bumps her sweet nose all the time and she knows her house really well. What do your pets do when you are writing? Marley sits under the desk and looks at me with sad eyes. She is so manipulative, and I love it! When I first got her, she was so desperate to be a good girl, she barely showed any personality. But now, my girl gives me grief all the time. So happy that she is comfortable and safe.