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The tension was clearly visible in the game, in which both players made mistakes they'd never make in a classical game:. The last Armageddon game was Magnus Carlsen vs. Viswanathan Anand. Their classical game was the most interesting of the five, with Carlsen pressing but Anand holding. It seems White could have been a healthy pawn up at some point. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that the tournament organizers have reformatted the event to give their main man Carlsen even bigger chances to win. That would be stretching it too much, but the world champion does feel like a fish in the water in faster time controls, and it looks like having to play for a win in an Armageddon suits him too.

Commentator Judit Polgar felt that Anand played too passively in the opening, and after that Carlsen was in control. He did miss a mate in two at the very end, though.

Auckland - Armageddon Expo

Carlsen on TV 2 says he didn't see mate in two: "This wasn't very good. I am just happy I won.

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Fighting against draws at NorwayChess shows really fine results. Excited about 2nd round: 5 more draws is something this senseless Armageddon invention deserves. New this year is that players who draw their game will play an Armageddon game right after with the same colors. Armageddon at Norway Chess White gets 10 minutes on the clock; Black gets seven minutes but has draw odds. The games start 5 p. Eastern and 8 a.

You can follow the games here as part of our live portal with daily commentary by the Chessbrahs. Updated: Jun 5, , PM.

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Download tournament PGN. Win, main game: 2 points Loss, main game: 0 points Draw, main game and loss, Armageddon: 0. More from PeterDoggers. Chess Event Coverage. GOD 6. After years of bitter animosity punctuated by military conflict, an Arab nation and a Jewish nation embraced each other with promises of peace.

Nauru warns of climate change 'Armageddon'

What did it signify for the little pocket of Zionism whose struggles for survival have drawn United States approval and support? Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, before his death, was unable to provide the security and permanent peace which has eluded Israel since the days of Abraham. According to the Word of God, Israel will not find true deliverance from her enemies until it is secured for her by the kings of the east.

Her last war has not yet been fought. The book of Revelation describes an alliance with some powerful defenders who finally destroy the oppressors of Israel and establish her in eternal security. They actually intervene to deliver Israel during the war of Armageddon, described in the Bible as the final conflict to take place on this planet. All nations will be involved in this battle, but Israel will be the only victor.

Our purpose in this study is to answer a number of questions.

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What is the nature of that final war of Armageddon? How can all the countries of the world be involved in it? How is it possible for only one group, the people of Israel, to survive this holocaust? Who are the mysterious kings of the east that effect her victory? And finally, how is Israel delivered from her enemies by the drying up of the Euphrates River, as described in Revelation ? First of all, we need to find out if the present nation of Israel is the same Israel which is designated in the book of Revelation as the people of God.

Some tremendous prophecies are found in that book, most of them concerned with saving the embattled remnant group of faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Does this mean that the literal nation of Israel—the one which is fighting with tanks and bombs—will completely reverse itself and become Christians? Will they lay aside their Zionist ambitions to kill their attackers and espouse the peaceful principles of the Sermon on the Mount—the one about loving the enemy and turning the other cheek?

Millions of Bible students believe that this kind of spectacular conversion must take place in order for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. They base their belief upon the prophecies found in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc.


Are they correct? Were the promises unconditional and irrevocable? Will the literal, fleshly descendants of Abraham turn en masse to the Messiah, be restored as a nation, and saved as a people? Repeatedly, the nation of Israel was warned of the dire consequences of disobedience. Both blessing and curse were set before them, depending on obedience or disobedience. Because of continued patterns of rebellion, God allowed them to be decimated and scattered into Babylonian captivity for seventy years.

Many prophets were raised up by God to foretell their return from that captivity. Some modem commentators have made the mistake of applying those prophecies of restoration to some future gathering of Israel. They refuse to see that the restoration spoken of by Isaiah and Jeremiah has already taken place. There is neither time nor space to record here a fraction of the graphic threats of rejection made to Israel.

But if ye shall at all turn from following me, ye or your children, and will not keep my commandments Finally, as related through the prophet Daniel, God allotted a probationary period of years for the Jewish people to see what they would do about the Messiah Daniel In that same year the gospel began to go to the Gentiles, Stephen was stoned, and Paul went forth to begin his unique ministry to the non-Jews.

The occasion marked the formal and final separation of Israel from its covenant relationship. Jesus had explained to the Jewish leaders in the clearest possible language that their rejection of Him would seal their own rejection as the children of the kingdom. There is no mystery as to why the hundreds of specific Old Testament promises were never fulfilled to Israel. They utterly failed to meet the conditions of obedience.

Otherwise, they would have inherited the earth, been delivered from all their enemies, and made Jerusalem the worship center for all nations. Or must we still put our faith in some future turnaround that will restore national Israel to the divine favor? All those points will be completely clarified the moment we establish one basic rule of biblical interpretation. Without this principle in mind no one can properly understand the books of Daniel and Revelation, nor can we identify the true Israel of today. Here is the rule: There is a primary, local, literal application of prophecy which points to a future, worldwide, spiritual application.

By applying this principle to the Old Testament Scriptures there is absolutely no confusion as to the place of Israel in prophecy and history.

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All the glorious promises were primarily aimed toward immediate blessings that God wanted to bestow on the nation. But in a secondary sense they pointed forward to a larger spiritual fulfillment on a worldwide level. Even though the local fulfillment failed when Israel failed to be faithful, the promises were never nullified or withdrawn. Who is that nation and people? The New Testament is saturated with the most explicit statements as to who the new Israel is. Here is the new nation which replaces the nation of Israel. The Gentiles who will receive the true Messiah now enter into the New Covenant, ratified by the blood of the cross, and become the true spiritual Israel of God.

Indeed, the Bible says that they are counted as the actual seed of Abraham.