Manual Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women

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Book Description Zondervan. Condition: New. New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Seller Inventory B More information about this seller Contact this seller. Language: English. Brand new Book. Or are you watching it slowly drain away, each moment emptied of its potential? At age twenty, Halee Gray Scott was doing things her way when God challenged her with these two questions.

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Confronted with the brevity of human life, she determined to start living with purpose and passion and help others do the same. For the last seven years, Halee has been studying the lives of female Christian leaders to determine what keeps them from fully flourishing as people of influence. It's not that Christian women cannot or do not want to lead; it's that their way is fraught with roadblocks.

In Dare Mighty Things, Halee unpacks the results of her research, tackling the top challenges for Christian women, including:What prevents us from seeing ourselves as leadersHow to discern what we are really, truly meant to doHow to navigate between our roles as women and leadersHow the myth that only "exceptional" Christian women can lead hurts all Christian womenDare Mighty Things is a guidebook for women navigating the difficult waters of leadership.

Packed with helpful advice and strategies for success, it will challenge you to claim your God-given potential and lead with confidence, poise, and grace.

Seminary Dropout Halee Gray Scott on Women in Christian Leadership |

Seller Inventory AAV The moment you stop facing challenges or obstacles is the moment you stop growing. Roosevelt knew the men of his day were capable of achieving extraordinary things; all he needed to do was call them back to what the good life really is. His concerns are perhaps even more valid today than they were a hundred years ago. In Western culture, we are diverted and aimless.

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We have more leisure time than our ancestors, but we are not sure what we ought to do with it, so we often spend it on purposeless activities like television, movies, gaming, and the internet. We want more for less effort, and we have been duped into thinking that this is the good life.

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Yet we are still depressed, anxious, and lost. Is this the good life? Some think that still more leisure and less work will finally alleviate these problems, but how could it? Our problem is not that we dare too much; it is that we dare far too little. Sadly, the church has not articulated a meaningful corrective to the gospel of leisure and ease, and in many cases, we have only endorsed it. We have changed our music, changed our messages, and traded our pews for movie-theater seats, all in an effort to appeal to people who prioritize entertainment and ease. And yet it is still not winning people to the church, and in many cases, it is turning even the most faithful away from regular church attendance.

There have been no Roosevelts to inspire us, to help us question our priorities, to tell us that the good life — real happiness, real contentment — lies in daring mighty things by allowing God to accomplish great things through us. People are not moved to action by appeals to what even they know are the lesser aspects of their nature; people are moved by that which appeals to the highest aspects of their character.

Women in Christian Leadership

People are moved when you tell them they are gifted, they are needed, and that their lives matter. People are moved when you make a place for them to let their giftedness shine. People are moved when you appeal to that part of them that culture has silenced, that place long dormant that desires to achieve impossible, unbelievable things.

There is no one for whom this is truer than Christian women. Christian women have been shamed into a corner.

Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women

Many have bought the lie that they are the second sex — that they do not matter and that they are not gifted, at least not in the ways that matter most. They got the message that they need to limit their horizons, temper their ambitions. They are leaving. Research shows not only that there are fewer women in church but also that there are fewer women going to seminary. Women, especially Millennial women, see this lack of progress and wonder whether leadership is even worth it. So they look for the good life elsewhere.

Christian women, it is not enough for me to simply tell you the stories of Christian women who are daring mighty things and outline the challenges you will face, so let me tell you this:. Like Roosevelt said, we can learn from our ancestors, from Christian women who dared mighty things and brought about massive cultural reform.

It was not too long ago that women in the nineteenth century, women with far more limitations than we have today, worked to abolish slavery, alcoholism, poverty, illiteracy. They created legislation to prevent women from being sexually exploited by men, built homes to keep them safe, and provided aid to immigrants. The Lord can do more than you can possibly imagine through your life. The same problems that confronted the women of the nineteenth century confront us today.

Women are still exploited by men. Slavery is not abolished for all. Fifteen million children go to bed hungry every night in America alone. We can find the good life by daring mighty things, by overcoming our personal challenges in order to make a good life for others. God is working through Christian women. The first challenge for most Christian women? Believing you are a leader at all. Believing you have gifts. Believing that God wants to use your life as a force for good.

Not every woman is called to be a pastor, a minister, or a CEO of a nonprofit. Some women are called to lead in other ways — leading an at-home Bible study, starting a food pantry at their church — but these women are leaders too, and their contributions have been minimized for far too long.

Sometimes the mightiest thing you can do is to do that which seems very small: dare to dream big dreams.

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Dare to believe that you can make a difference. Dare to believe that overcoming obstacles and facing challenges is worthwhile. In the following chapters, I discuss the key obstacles for Christian women. Women have overcome them before; all you have to do is dare to believe that you can too. That is where you start.

To lose track of our stories is to be profoundly impoverished not only humanly but also spiritually. For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to lonely places, to places long forgotten or places undiscovered. The badlands of the Texas Panhandle are the beginning of the American West.

Most people, from Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century to modernday travelers of US Route 66, thought of the Panhandle, an area sparsely vegetated with cacti, crooked honey mesquite, and juniper trees, as a land you just passed through. Our family passed through it every year at Christmas as we made our way from one set of grandparents to the other. I daydreamed about being a cowgirl exploring the Palo Duro Canyons on a palomino quarter horse. Years later, while going to grad school, my husband and I lived in a parsonage on the edge of the San Gabriel Mountains in Glendora, California.

Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the nation, but you would never know it from the top of Colby Trail. Despite a demanding schedule working three jobs in addition to full-time PhD coursework, I still headed out my back door three or four times a week to explore miles of often-isolated trails. Still even more years later, I chiseled out my dissertation on the edge of another range of mountains — the Colorado Rockies. Local lore is filled with harrowing tales of expedition and discovery, but the story that made the biggest impression on me was the story of Lewis and Clark, who passed through the Rocky Mountains near Lincoln, Montana.

When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on their legendary expedition in May of , President Thomas Jefferson commissioned them to find a direct water route across the continent to facilitate commerce, and to discover and document the resources in the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. In May , the land stretching from North Dakota westward to the Pacific was terra incognita — unknown territory.

Although the accounts revolve around Christian leadership, this is not a book exclusive to Christian women leaders. This is for those aspiring leaders who need to draw inspiration from those who have many battles they have yet to go through — be it traditions, societal expectations, self-doubt, and even laws. This is a book not only of leadership but also of shackles, downfalls, and defenselessness, and most importantly of resilience, bravery, and hope. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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