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They can make the game stutter, which wreaks havok on my ability to gank an enemy Joule from the bushes with my Krul. I turned on Do Not Disturb last week to try and get rid of these badges that annoy, but it never worked: I still got notifications from Facebook, Messages and other appss. I did some digging to find out why. See below for more. Tap on Always, instead of Only while iPhone is locked, to keep all your notifications off your gaming screen. Tap into your Settings app, then tap on Notifications. Tap on the app you want to turn off notifications for.

Do that. The main point is: Gaming should serve as a reward.

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Completely eliminating it creates a vacuum that will implode in the form of excessive gaming. Basically says that the time it takes to complete a task will expand to fit the available time. Might as well play more. Before you start, define how long you intend to play.

Some games like DoTa or LoL, should be planned by the number of matches you intend to play. You can experiment to find the best gaming window for you but it should be around the one I recommended. Having a lot of something too often can make you not appreciate that something. Deep right?

What are online games?

Restriction and clever planning can turn an ordinary activity into a deep and meaningful experience. Now that was deep! Imagine playing every day the same game. It becomes part of a routine. Now imagine that you plan a 2 hour gaming session for every Sunday. Imagine how excited you will be for that Sunday to arrive!

How to keep iOS gaming sessions from being interrupted | Cult of Mac

Short and controlled bursts of gaming will satisfy your need for relaxation without letting you fall into a downward spiral of unproductiveness. It works just like the cheat day in a diet. A well enjoyed gaming session will serve to satisfy your gaming cravings and help you not to over game. By allowing yourself to game for a limited amount of time, you will make sure every minute counts. While gaming like this, I tend to enjoy the game much more. Small bursts of the game brings the best aspects of the game forward… and hides some of the negatives ones triggered.

How Much RAM Do I Need for Gaming

Give it a try. I find that Saturday or Sunday after lunch is the best time to do it. Having fun and digesting… At the same time! When starting a planned gaming session, you MUST have mechanisms in place to stop you from gaming too much. If you have been playing games since you were a kid you know how much games can suck you in without your permission.

There is a third method which involves a box glove, a pneumatic cylinder and a timer but it gets too complicated.

On the other hand, if self restrain is still low, the second method might work best. If none of both methods work, email me so that I can send you the plans to build method 3. Power tools and ice required. There are two techniques I have been experimenting with that I find extremely useful in getting me in productive gear. The Pomodoro Technique must be the most popular productivity tool.

Simple and effective. After your gaming session, set a timer to 25 minutes and try to only focus on being productive.

Play To Win At

I did a blog post and video about productivity tools including the Pomodoro technique, check it out after this one. Another method is an app I recently started using. Actually I was super effective at writing this blog post exactly because of this app. Plant and grow a tree every time you start a productive activity. The tree will grow as long as your phone stays in a productivity app.


For me, Evernote is where I write my blog posts. If you open another app like Instagram, the tree dies. Simple concept. VERY powerful results. These tools should get the ball rolling and force you into work mode.

You might want to stop playing games because you want to focus on more important things. But at some point you will need to relax and videogames definitely can fill that gap.

How to Become a Pro Gamer – 8 Tips from the Pros

I truly believe that videogames can be part of a productive day and I hope you too believe this after reading this. I bonded with friends over videogames and I love the gaming community so I wanted to make sure videogames keep being part of my life. But I do have goals and things I want to accomplish so it is imperative to find a balance between relaxation and productivity. If you have any comments or suggestions, hit me up on social media or in the comment section below.

What are the risks of online games?

For those who have the typical internet attention spam, I created this infographic. Want more information about productivity? Road Delta has more blog posts and video about this topic!