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  2. Thai palace releases unusually candid images of the king's newly anointed consort
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  4. Temples of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, North & other areas

Thai PBS World – We bring Thailand to the world

Meanwhile, officials have also strung nets across the Fact-finding panel to probe alleged meddling in judicial affairs The Judicial Commission has set up a three-member panel to conduct a fact-finding investigation into the self-inflicted shooting of a chief judge at Yala provincial court last Friday and his allegations of interference in his handling of a case. Saravuth Benjakul, secretary-general of the Judicial Affairs Office, said today A well-informed source said that the Thousands of protesters have staged unsanctioned flashmob rallies across the strife-torn city -- some vandalising Judge shoots self in court after being forced to change verdict A judge, Mr.

Spokesman for the court said that Mr.

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Kanakorn is now out of danger after being rushed to the provincial hospital, adding that the judge Deputy Agriculture Minister Mananya Thaiseth, who chairs Sompong, who is also Pheu Thai party Chuan reminds opposition of armoury raid in Narathiwat as they ponder charter am House Speaker Chuan Leekpai has advised opposition parties to move cautiously if they want to amend any provision in the Constitution relating to resolving the southern unrest problem, in order to avoid past mistakes, resulting in a deterioration of the situation.

In his address on amending the charter, at King International experiences to meet sustainable transport October 5, Air quality in Bangkok returns to normal October 3, October 3, Striking for Climate Change September 27, They came from the north, migrating from Southern China and Northern Vietnam in large numbers.

Thai palace releases unusually candid images of the king's newly anointed consort

The Yuan Tai people migrated south mainly due to the threat of the Mongols, the mighty warriors who ruled most of Asia at that time, and were heading south. The Yuan kingdom began in the 10th Century and a Yuan dynasty continued from then, gradually extending its territory little by little in all directions, even into what is now Lao. In the Mongols under the leadership of Kublai Khan sacked the historic Burmese Kingdom of Bagan which is very close to Lamphun and it is during this time that the future first King of Lanna started consolidating his position.

His first move was to bring outlying areas that used to be part of the Bagan Kingdom under his control. The person who led this consolidation was the King of Yuan, Mangrai who had ascended to the Yuan throne in The process of conquering and consolidation began, initiated by the ambitious, highly political great war leader, King Mangrai.

We can therefore trace the creation of the Lanna Kingdom back to the Mongols and the threat they posed to the area. King Mangrai moved his base north to Chiang Rai, expanded his influence over the Southern cities of Lampang and Lamphun and brought areas in the north under his control reaching into China and Burma. This pact was very important for regional stability, and a golden era for Thai civilization began. King Mangrai resisted with genius guerilla warfare tactics and sharp diplomatic skills.

Six year later, in , Mangrai ordered a new capital city to be built which he named Chiang Mai. He saw this as the best location for the centre of his new empire, with its fertile land, which had plenty of rivers and a good climate. King Mangrai managed to avoid more invasions from the north through political negotiations and payment of large tributes.

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At the time of his death in his Lanna Kingdom covered a very large area although in the next century it would get even larger. As a great king, he brought prosperity and stability to the whole area. Many beautiful towns and temples were built during his reign, and the arts flourished.

This is all very impressive for a conquering king who was at war so much of the time. Buddhism flourished and became a way of life for the people and many customs developed in this time, are still alive today.

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  3. Temples of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, North & other areas.
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In King Tilorokarat Tilok the 9th King of Lanna was crowned and this marked the beginning of a great period of wealth, trade and religious expression. There was large scale construction of temples and shrines many of which can still be visited today, either as working temples or as ruins. The Kingdom of Nan and Phrae was integrated between and not without resistance and other land was also brought under Lanna control, reaching up into what is now China. Some of the Shan States now Burma were also integrated and at this point in history Lanna was the largest it ever was.

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Lanna began trading extensively with neighboring kingdoms which created a more affluent lifestyle for the local inhabitants and led to more patronage of the arts by the rich. Although Lanna had many altercations with its neighbours at this time it also had a deep spiritual connection with some of them including Sukhothai and Bagan.

Temples of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, North & other areas

People are unsure whether the coronation will unite or further divide polarised political factions. Some, such as the new party Future Forward, have set themselves up in opposition to monarchical influence over government.

But on the streets of Bangkok on Friday the anticipation was growing. I believe King Vajiralongkorn will look after and protect the Thai people just as his father King Bhumibol did.


It was a striking image of a newly married couple; he replete in white uniform sitting on a throne and she lying prostrate on the floor before him. Royalist theology in Thailand, constructed out of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, has long taught that the king is a living god and should be bowed down before in complete subjugation, with no eye contact made.

As part of the practice, it is expected that the person prostrating before the king, in this instance the new queen and all dignitaries present in the room, will crawl towards him on their knees, low on the floor and wearing no shoes. They will then raise their hands towards him, press them together in prayer, and lie them on the floor, not looking directly at the king, and then repeat this bow again twice.

They must crawl backwards to create a distance between them and the king, and bow again, before getting up again. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.