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  1. Les naturels nonstick performance tart pan grey
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After revamping the classic French croissant with new-age fillings such as chilli crab, salted caramel and home-made kaya, the Antoinette patisserie chain founder has now trained his eyes on baked cheese tarts.

Les naturels nonstick performance tart pan grey

Since early April, he's been churning out not one, not two, but five different flavour renditions, mostly based on the baked cheese tarts he sampled on a March visit to Pablo Bakery in Hokkaido. A cult bakery of equal stature to BAKE, Pablo has also indicated that it has plans to open in Singapore, though details have yet to be confirmed. The year-old homegrown bakery chain launched their take on the Japanese-style baked cheese tarts in early April, and offers them in two flavours: original and salted egg lava.

The latter stands out for its core of rich, sunshine yellow salted yolk custard that seductively trickles out when you cut into each tart. The ones that fit nicely on your palm If the early queues are anything to go by, Breadtalk is on to a winner. Like their mini salted egg croissants, their fresh-out-of-the-oven baked cheese tarts come in two flavours - original and Golden Lava - and are conveniently bite-sized, ensuring that all the molten deliciousness goes into your mouth, and not onto your shirt.

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Looks beautiful and smells delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

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We have an abundance of basil right now and tomatoes. I would happily trade for a tart pan. This sounds delicious. The last fresh tomatoes I had were destined for sandwiches and bruschetta. More question than comment. When I follow recipes and I see a part such as the layers of paper towels and tomatoes to soak up excess water, I say to myself, why not put down a layer of sliced tomatoes, a couple more paper towels, another layer, and so on.

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  • Any reason not to do multiple layers of damp tomatoes? Now a family favourite. Thank you for this glorious recipe — perfect for August here in western Massachusetts. And thank you, too, for your kindness in suggesting alternatives the ricotta cheese, the free-form style for those of us who rely on a rural New England general store for nearly everything.

    Tart Cherry

    But my question is: HOW did you get such a gorgeous char on your tomatoes without destroying the crust or cheese? Is this an instance of blogging magic that I should politely not notice? Drying and salting the tomatoes and topping it with a firm grating cheese with low moisture content helped with the browning. I so wish we had fromage frais in the US other than at Zabars which is too far from me.

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    • Ricotta is the obvious substitute, but clearly lacks that wonderful sweet cheesy flavor! According to their website, a full cup of unbleached flour weighs grams so, I should weigh out grams to make one and a half cups or use grams? The dough is chilling in the fridge and I think I messed up converting a cup and half to grams according to King Arthur. It was very soft so perhaps I can let it chill and then add the last 30 grams of flour without it getting too tough. David-the tart was delicious. Yours seemed so brown on top. I did not get that.

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      Did you broil it at the end? Mine came out like that in my standard oven but you could broil it briefly if you want to get it browner. We made the tart last night and had the same issue of not browning so I did broil it a bit though I was concerned the edges would brown too much as I created a galette.

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      Lovely taste but very rich. The grocery store also had Boursin but said Quark was closest to Fromage frais. What do you recommend? A friend gave me a recipe years ago to make tomato salad when I have a surplus of cherry tomatoes in my garden. I have used less cheese but may use more. Asparagus spears also make a lovely dish. Looks like you slaved hours. You are a food writer. This tart is beautiful and sounds so tasty!

      I think the one you used though looks great! I will definitely be trying this. Thank you for sharing. Hi All — For questions about substituting other cream-based products for the filling, tested this recipe only with the two that I mentioned; ricotta is available in almost every supermarket in America, and most or many in Europe.

      CHOCOLATE ORANGE TART - Avant-Garde Vegan

      We had this for dinner last night and loved it. This will definitely be a summer staple to showcase the overabundance of tomatoes, parsley and basil from our garden. Thanks, David! This was delicious and so easy. I also used my removable bottom tart pan and no leaks! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Great way to use all these summer tomatoes!

      Appreciate your letting us know the removable-bottom pan worked well. David, have you tried any middle eastern markets? Hi David — I made this tonight and it was delicious — used the recipe without making any changes and did a freeform. I just scattered them all over the top. The house smells like heaven. Thanks for letting me know that it worked out! Hello David, I am puzzled because in the photo showing the crust with the fromage frais being spread in, the crust looks like it has already been baked.

      However, unless I missed something, there are no directions to blind bake the crust first. I made this tart for dinner tonight after seeing it on the insta story, so good!!

      We all enjoyed it, and finished it off with the cherry clatoufi. Thank you for a delicious dinner. Ellen: The instructions are correct. The tart dough is not baked before filling. Thank you David, I looked up your Tefal 27cm I made my own ricotta and used parsley and basil as the herbs. Substituted black pepper for sugar in the crust. My husband has eaten half of it and is raving about how delicious it is.